Family Discipleship

It is becoming more and more difficult, it seems, to raise children right these days. There are pressures that target our young coming from many different directions. We are all aware of what is at stake: the well being and discipleship of our children. God emphasizes the importance of teaching children in the home setting many times in Scripture (for example Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

The question is, how do you plan on doing it? If we do not disciple our kids then surely the world will. Here at Hopeful we realize the importance of discipling your kids and so we’ve put together a few resources to help you along the way. Please feel free to contact our church office if you have any questions.

A great place to start is prayer. Begin the discipleship process by praying for your children. Pray that they would be open to learning about spiritual matters and that their desire to know God and His Word would grow. Resources detailing how to pray for your kids can be found here if you are interested.

The next step is to help facilitate your kids’ walk with the Lord by praying with them and opening God’s Word with them daily. This does not need to take more than 15 minutes a day. Praying with your family is as simple as praying before a meal. Teach your children to pray by modeling the Lord’s prayer: begin with worship (Matthew 6:9-10), then confession, thanksgiving, and supplications (prayer requests). Facilitating your kids growth in God’s Word daily is just as easy. At Hopeful we have already passed out and hopefully the children are already using Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) 60-day devotionals. Those devotionals are meant for elementary-age children. If your child is not elementary age then here are some age-appropriate devotionals and Bibles. You can always ask what your child learned in their daily devotional that day, and even offer to read through it together before bedtime. Or you could take your family through the passage from the previous sermon or Sunday School lesson. If you are interested in doing your own separate Bible study for your family then that is great and we would like to provide some resources to help you do that. The Serendipity Bible is meant for just that as it has intro, discussion, and application questions for each passage. You can also use the PECSKA resource available.

Growing Families International ( provides invaluable approaches to parenting that are based on time-tested insights from Scripture. Their resources (overview of them here) provides parents with best approaches and helpful parenting solutions for each phase your kids go through, from birth through their teenage years. The authors and founders, Gary and Annie Marie Ezzo, are also well known for their Parentwise books.

As you prayerfully engage your family’s spiritual wellbeing, your own spiritual wellbeing is of utmost importance and influence in your child’s own spiritual development. Your attempts to direct them along the godly path will be magnified if they see you take your own walk with the Lord seriously. And we are here to help. We offer a community of worship that we want you and your family to feel comfortable in. We are all on a spiritual journey to glorify God through our lives. If you have any questions about any of these resources please don’t hesitate to ask. Taking charge of your family’s spiritual health will reap great eternal rewards. What is more important than passing on your faith to the next generation?

Additional Resources:

Here is a list of additional resources on Amazon.

The ministry of Worldview Weekend has produced some excellent materials for developing a Biblical worldview in students that are on their book webpage. They have even developed a book for those going to college. Another good resource for the college-bound is the Focus on the Family project

Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministry reminds us in his message ‘True and False Conversion’ that making sure our children our saved is important.

Additional Links:

Focus on the Family put together this webpage having to do with your family’s safety online (and is also a good family filter).

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